Dienstag, 2. Februar 2010

January favorites!

Hey everyone :)

so the follwing five products, I've used the most in the month of january. They don't have any particular order; I just picked them out of my make-up storage ;)

  1. MAC's blot powder pressed in "medium": 
    this is going to be my new holy grail powder of 2010 I guess! It works so amazing for me, I still can't believe, that I haven't tried it before. I mean, this is actually the first finishing or setting powder that keeps my skin matt the whole day AND keeps my liquid foundation in place. So if you have a oily t-zone like me, you should definitely try this powder out ;)

  2. MAC's MSF in "by candlelight":
    first of all: this is my very first MSF! The only reason I bought it was the colourshade. I swatched it at my MAC counter and was totally impressed. Then i got it, but had no idea, what to do with it, how to use it and which brushes I have to apply it with. But I finally tried several techniques out and find my very favorite one. So I have used this MSF as a blush the whole january long. It replaced my very favorite MAC blush in "hand-written", which no other product could before. So you can see, I'm very very into this product <3

  3. MAC tinted lipconditioner in "feelin' good":
    so about this product, I'm not going to talk that much. It's just the loveliest lip treatment, that ever came up to me. I have loved it when I've seen the pictures on temptalia.com, I loved it, when i swatched it at the counter, I love it now and use it so many times daily! I'm sure, I will love this forever and that's why I go to buy some back-ups :)

  4. P2 eyebrow styling gel in "20 dark hazel":
    I think this is the cheaper version of MAC's brow set.It is about 3€ and works so well. It's the only product I use for my eyebrows for now!

  5. MAC's e/s in "smut":
    this is pretty much my favorite crease-colour of the month.For me it goes with every lid colour I have and it looks always gorgeous :)

so guys, these are my favourites. I hope this was a little bit helpful to you. I'm planning to do this every month. Please leave me in the comments, if you'd love to see it or not! And you can also tell me your favourites, if you like :) I would love to reed them!



  1. Yeah we are sharing 2 same products as favorites. I also used by Candellight and Blot powder a lot! I like to mix by Candellight with the Blush from e.l.f (glow) and I love the combination!

    Please carry on with your months favorites! I think we actually like the same stuff! =)

  2. I love monthly favorites, so yes, please keep doing it! I have "By Candlelight" as well but I haven't tried it so far, shame on me! :-)

  3. Das ist eine super Idee deine Favoriten immer aufzuschreiben :-)
    Das Brauengel möchte ich mir auch auf jden Fall kaufen und den Mac e/s sollte ich mir mal anschauen, ich habe nämlich noch keinen braunen Mac Eyeshadow.

  4. Defo keep up with the monthly favourites! The only MAC skin product I have is Belightful Pressed Bronzing Powder, i'm more of an eye person. I really should know, buuuttt what does "MSF" stand for? xxxxxxx